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A Message From Coach Wyatt

Underneath The Uniform We all love sports and the excitement it brings into our lives. Sports give us something to look forward to. Sports motivate us, give us something to talk about, connect with others, and the list goes on and on. No matter what you play, you are representing a team. Some teams wear uniforms while others

IHSAA Announces Guidelines For Summer Participation

The Indiana High School Athletic Association released the following document today. A quick summary is: No school sponsored events until (at least) June 30th as all facilities are closed. The moratorium week for 2020 has been waived. This means if facilities open, coaches may work with their teams/athletes beginning July 1. IHSAA Statement on Remainder

Shenandoah Spring Sport Senior Spotlight: Stormie Fitch

Shenandoah Senior Profile Name: Stormie Fitch Spring Sport: Track Parents and Siblings: Matt & Sara Fitch; Keaghun and Emersyn Fitch School Activities: Track 4 years, Basketball 4 years, Cross country 3 years, golf 2 years Future Plans: Go to Purdue Fort Wayne and run cross country and track as a division 1 athlete and major

A Message From Coach Davis

Every Second Counts!  Every day we have 86,400 seconds to be our best. Many races, games and life’s decisions come down to the last second. How we have used our time to prepare for those last seconds can determine the outcomes. Time is the one constant that we all start with, but how we use that time to better ourselves is the difference.   We will each use

A Message To All From Coach MacIntyre

Athletic Success What does it mean to be successful in athletics? What is the highest level of success for any sport? What does it mean to be the best? How is it achieved? Over the past 20 + years, I have been involved in multiple sports at multiple levels. I have played with or against

A Message To All From Coach McCollough

Aaahhhh the old….Is the glass half empty or is the glass half full?? What a trying time we are in! Quarantined, hunkered down, isolated! Who will be affected? Will it reach us? What will happen next? When will things go back to the way they were? Will we go back to school, work, sports?? When,

Shenandoah Spring Sport Senior Spotlight: Rylee Johnson

Shenandoah Senior Profile Name: Rylee Johnson Spring Sport: Tennis Parents and Siblings: Parents– Jeff and Angi Johnson Brother– Caden Johnson Sister– Ryan Toffelmire School Activities: Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Track & Field, Softball, Secretary for Teens About Serving the County, Vice President for National Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society, Academy

Shenandoah Spring Sport Senior Spotlight: Jackson Campbell

Jackson Campbell Sport-Baseball Parents and Siblings-Marla and Kevin Campbell; Jasper, Jayden, Jayli, Jace Activities-Basketball, Baseball, and Raider Rowdies Future Plans-Attend Indiana University and study Sports Medicine  Favorite Teammate at SHS– Colton Monday What I learned from a coach– I’ve learned a lot about the game. But the biggest part of sports in high school is

A Message to All From Coach McCaslin: Control The Controllables

Control Your Controllables Controlling what you can gives you the opportunity to focus your energy on the things that matter. We live in a society of constant comparisons. Just think about social media and how 9 times out of 10 people post the best picture or video of the 50 they took. We see that

Shenandoah Spring Sport Senior Spotlight: Josh Soden

Shenandoah Senior Profile   Name:  Josh Soden   Spring Sport:  Track   Parents and Siblings:  Chad and Michelle Soden.  Sister: Rachel Soden   School Activities: (current and past activities) FCA, FFA, Cross Country, Basketball, Track   Future Plans:  To attend a four-year university to study either physical education or exercise science.  I will also be