Raiders News · Raiders Defeat Knightstown in 1st Round of County (Ed Breeden)

Shenandoah vr. Knightstown 1-7-2021

The Henry County boys’ basketball tournament was held at Tri High. I had to ask Amy Howard where the school was located. I have traveled the Rocky Mountains extensively, visited Alaska, been to all the states but four and traveled to Romania to see my family, but never traveled south of New Castle to Tri High. Watching the Raiders allows me to wander Indiana. I arrived early so I would not miss the action. Mel Sayford told me over the years Knightstown has given the Raiders all they can handle; would this evening be one of those nights?

Due to COVID-19 only family members were allowed to attend plus a few extras so plenty of good seats were still available at tipoff. On my way to me seat I stopped and chatted with Josh Waid, I have seen him at some games and wondered who he was related to. Turns out since 2007 he has been a bus driver in the Shenandoah district and drives the teams around. Thank you, Josh. I have written a little extra in my introduction because this contest will be a recap and not a blow-by-blow description of the entire game.

Shenandoah poured on the offense. Buckets rained in often from every direction. For the game, the Raiders netted thirty field goals, they registered twelve in the first quarter alone. Andrew Bennett and Kameron Graddy in some form or another accounted for the first thirteen points in three minutes. The lead continued to swell like a rising river. Michael Howard got into the action by taking back-to-back assist from Graddy and Kaden McCollough to make the score 15-0. Bennett stole an inbounds pass to make it 17-0 and then the Knights registered a bucket 17-3. In a flurry of quick passes Graddy passed to Jasper Campbell who redirected it to Howard for another layup. Graddy missed a shot but gathered in his miss for a put back and followed with a turn around bank shot next time down court. Raiders up 23-3. The Raiders constant full court pressure was nothing less than a tsunami wave which completely overwhelmed Knightstown. Tanner Goff got into the first quarter flurry when he nailed a short jumper from the east side. After the surge subsided Shenandoah went to the bench up 27-5.

Shenandoah defense continued to hold Knightstown to five points midway through the second quarter as the Raider offensive deluge never let up. Bennett, who is coming back from a football injury and is not one hundred percent scored five quick points to open the floodgates. His quick hands led to a mid-court steal

and an unmolested layup, then he followed with a trey to make it 32-5. I was astonished but not surprised when he dove for a ball on the floor when the Raiders were up twenty-seven points! I will not fault hustle but be careful! Back on offense, Graddy garnered in a missed three from Campbell for two. Then Goff followed up with a layup for two more of his total of seven. Howard added another layup as he and McCollough each contributed fourteen points apiece this evening. Campbell zeroed in a pinpoint pass to McCollough to quadruple the score 40-10. Shenandoah would go on to score twenty points this period and would equal that total again in the third.

With a 47-13 lead to open the third Shenandoah showed much class by not pressing the rest of the game. By now the atmosphere was surreal and seemed like a church league game, few in attendance and not much crowd involvement. I counted forty-three fans and quite a few were munching on popcorn or a lollipop. Being ahead thirty-four points my pen began to wane. However, the referee blew his whistle right next to where I was seated and quickly lulled me back courtside. I will save you all the details but know Shenandoah scored at will. I will close this article and start writing about the championship game on Saturday night, which I have yet to create. To close, may I add Graddy and Bennett led the Raiders with sixteen points apiece. Jasper Campbell chipped in with five while Drake Stevens and Lucas Mills split four points. Finally, Shenandoah won by fifty-two, 76-24 and moved to 8-3 on the year.

Ed Breeden,

Shenandoah class of 1973