Raiders News · A Message to Teammates, Friends, and All: Part II

In life, it’s hard to stay positive. With all of this going on, it’s even harder. Especially if you feel alone. When you’re by yourself, you don’t experience the encouragement and fun you do when you’re with friends and family. In times of isolation, your thoughts (negative ones) are what you hear most of the time. It’s easy to feel like you have it bad, but think of all the people who don’t have family to stay  at home with and the people that may not even have a place to stay.

Be thankful for that. Be thankful for the time that you get to work on your game because so many people want to play sports, but they aren’t able to. Use this time to better yourself not just as an athlete, but as a person. All of us represent our school when we compete, but how do you represent your school and your family off the court? What decisions do you make when nobody is watching? Just sitting around and using this time as “rest” is taking the easy way out. As leaders, we need to take the path less traveled and encourage others to do the same. We compete and push each other to get better, but in the end our teammates are our family. And families love each other, encourage  each other and want the best for each other. I want the best for not only my basketball brothers, but for every athlete and person at our school.

Kaden McCollough

Rising Senior

Shenandoah HS