Raiders News · Rex Stohler Award is Presented

The final award given at the Shenandoah Senior Award night was the Rex Stohler Award. Rex Stohler was a young man that served Shenandoah selflessly until he lost a battle with cancer. The award is based on the simple personality trait exhibited by him….he gave so much, he asked for so little.

This year’s award winner is senior Jackson Campbell. Campbell started his athletic career humbly, earning Junior Varsity awards as a freshman in both baseball and basketball. No complaining……he just went to work. He earned 6 varsity letters in those 2 sports the rest of the way but shined most brightly on the basketball floor. Jackson became relentless at doing all the small things correctly. Though somewhat under-sized as a post player, Campbell would battle bigger foes and come out on top more often than not. Jackson accepted the role and made it his passion, never questioning or asking for more. He will attend IU in the fall.

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