Raiders News · A Message From Coach Davis

Every Second Counts! 

Every day we have 86,400 seconds to be our best. Many races, games and life’s decisions come down to the last second. How we have used our time to prepare for those last seconds can determine the outcomes. Time is the one constant that we all start with, but how we use that time to better ourselves is the difference.  

We will each use our seconds differently to become better students, athletes, teachers, coaches, friends, parentshusbands and wives. It goes back to the old saying “You play like you practice!”. If you turn in poor homework, you will probably do poorly on the test. If you play around in practice, you will probably get out played on the court or the track. Study hard! Practice hard! Use your seconds wisely to prepare for success. 

In this uncertain time, how we use these seconds will have a huge impact on our future. We must hold ourselves accountable for how we have used the 86,400 seconds we are given every day. The world will start moving again and we want to be ready to move with it and come out of this better than we were before. 

John Davis 

Shenandoah HS Cross Country Coach