Raiders News · Shenandoah Senior Spring Sport Spotlight: Kara Surguy

Name: Kara Surguy

Spring Sport: Softball

Parents/Siblings: Mikki Maple, Shane Maple, and Jack Surguy/ Ryan Surguy and Caden Maple

School Activities: Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Softball, Health and Science Education, National Honor Society

Future Plans: Attend Ball State University with intent in obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree

Favorite Teammate: Kamryn Buck. She has pushed me to be a better person and athlete more than anyone else. We would always stay after practice together to scrimmage, run plays, or just goof around. One of the most dedicated athletes at this school. Honorable Mention: Bridget Lohrey

What I Learned From a Coach: Beat the odds! When looking at Coach MacIntyre, I don’t think anyone would disagree that he is…..not so tall. But that doesn’t stop him from being able to play the whole court. I am not very tall either and I cannot jump very high, but MacIntyre taught me it doesn’t matter what we lack physically if we can make up for it mentally. I believe the confidence that Mac instilled in me will help carry me through college and my future. The best mentor I could have asked for during high school!

Best Memory in Athletics: Early morning talks at the front of the bus with Mac, Kamryn, Bridget, Micah, and Brian. A lot of wisdom, jokes, arguing about pump up songs, and memories came from those bus rides.