Raiders News · Hayden or Silas—-How Well Do You Know the State Finalists???

All-righty Raider fans…… are a few things about our 2 wrestlers heading to the state finals on Friday. How well do you know Hayden Lohrey and Silas Allred?

1. Dad is an Evangelist.

2. Lives on protein bars during wrestling season but loves ice cream out of season.

3. Once claimed to be “addicted” to Skittles.

4a. Favorite motivational saying is “once you have wrestled, everything else is easy” .

4b. Give yourself a bonus point if you know who was quoted in question 4a.

5. Once lost 23 pounds in a week to wrestle (outside the IHSAA season).

6a. Favorite Bible verse is Psalms 23:4

6b. 2 bonus points if you know the verse, 1 bonus point if you look it up.